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Work Package 1

D1.1 Storylines of Showcases
The four different showcases will be developed to represent innovative uses of Future Internet in Smart Cities. They include pilot projects, ideas, experimentsand proposals related to Smart Cities, Future Internet and Living Labs. This report presents how storylines of for four different showcases are developed and alsoillustrates storylines of each showcase. Storylines are visualized in the WP4
D1.2 Common Assets Characterization
This document reports the results of FIREBALL WP1 Task1.2 Common AssetsIdentification and Characterization. Task T1.2 focuses on identification of common assets (e.g. facilities, methods, communities) that can be made available by different constituencies related to Future Internet open innovation for Smart Cities. This report presents a first overview of common assets.Common assets include testbeds, living lab facilities, open data, methods and tools, use communities and other resources that can be shared. Common assets form the basis for the smart cities innovation ecosystem infrastructure.
D1.3 Operational Infrastructure of IPR Arrangements for Access, Sharing and Reuse of Common Assets
This report presents the mechanisms and processes through which the commonassets can be made accessible, shared and reused among the differentcommunities and for Future Internet based innovation in the context of SmartCity strategy implementation. These include arrangements related to IPRmanagement, legal issues and partnership agreements to implement openinnovation approach.

Work Package 2

D2.1 Landscape and Roadmap of Future Internet and Smart Cities
This report presents an update overview of the landscape of Smart Cities asinnovation systems for Future Internet research. A collaboration framework isdeveloped for smart cities, future internet research and experimentation, andopen and user driven innovation in living labs. An initial roadmap is proposed fordeveloping collaborationships towards Smart Cities.
D2.2 Community Workshop Report
This report presents the strategy and the rationale followed within the FIREBALLproject to establish and run a European Joint Community for Future Internet and Open Innovation. This document aims to report and describe also the eventsand initiatives within the project to involve and engage relevant keyorganizations to accomplish the above task and objective.
D2.3 Report about exchanges with other projects and initiatives
This report will identify other projects and initiatives that FIREBALL will establish and maintain exchange relationships. The aim of this report is to present an overview of the linkage with other projects and initiatives in the area of Future Internet, Smart Cities and Living Labs. This report shows of our attempt withinFIREBALL to bring together three different constituencies during the first 12months: those working on user driven open innovation, on the Future-Internet,and on smart cities.

Work Package 3

D3.1 Report on the establishment of a collaborative cross border smart cities network
This report presents an overview of establishment of a collaborative cross border smart cities network which brought cities from across Europe together, startingwith a core group of cities and widening it during the two years of the p roject.The network met regularly and this summarises the progress of the network, theconstituent members and examples of their joint working.
D3.4 Report on benchmarks of excellence and exemplar crossborder demonstrators for Future Internet technologies

Work Package 4

D4.2 FIREBALL Portal
This Deliverable corresponds to one of the main dissemination tools of theFIREBALL project. An important aim of the project is to achieve its potential impact at European level, within the consortium and with much the wider communities of Future Internet, Smart Cities and Living Labs utilizing aneffective communication plan and traditional tools such as brochures, leaflets,newsletters, portal and mainly with new tools using Web 2.0 services such asFacebook, My Space, YouTube, etc. and the 4 main SMART Services and Toolscreated for this project.